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Why FindCoHost?

FindCoHost allows hosts to find help quickly and easily from local co-hosts and cleaners.

Hands-off. Lower cost. More flexibility.

Individual co-hosts are as effective as property management companies, with the added flexibility of you deciding which part of the management you wish to delegate and at which price.

Make your listing more personal.

Individual co-hosts are able to provide the personal touch to give a sense of belongingness to the guests.

Non-generic messaging. In-person welcome. Passion. Care Attention to details. Everything to impress your guests.

A worldwide reach. To meet every host's needs.

Find your ideal co-host anywhere around the globe with our map search.

  • Get all their key metrics in one place.
  • Get to know each other through our chat feature and agree your own terms.
  • Have the peace of mind that you have chose the co-host that suits you best.

  • Find help in your area 24/7.

    On holidays? Emergency need?

    Find help form local co-hosts and cleaners anytime, anywhere!

    No commitment. Hire a co-host only when you need!

    We cover multiple platforms!

    Hosts from every platforms are welcome! Just let us know on sign up where you list your BnBs - whether it may be Airbnb, Homeaway,, VRBO or others, we got them all covered!

    How does it work?

    Finding the right host is as simple as adding a friend on Facebook!

    Type and Go!

    Simply type a location and find all the local co-hosts wishing to share their hosting experience.

    All key metrics are in one place, so you can quickly assess all co-hosts, identify Superhosts and other key criteria.

    Find the right person

    Metrics do not always tell the whole story. Get to know our co-hosts and cleaners through their profile.
    Any questions? No problem, just reach out to them with our messaging feature.

    Discuss your fees

    You and your prospective co-host agree on fees and services to be exchanged. We list down the most common services provided by co-hosts to help hosts understand what the services they can expect.

    Happy hands-off hosting!